Have a Leasing Need

We can assist you in any leasing need you have.  In a typical year our office completes anywhere from 100,000 square feet to 300,000 square feet of new leases.  Our policy of treating all parties to a transaction with respect results in a "win-win" for all.


With Lynch Realty, Inc., you can count on:

  • A competent and fair valuation
  • A proactive effort in exceeding your expectations
  • Access to our commercial real estate databases and other resources
  • Regular reporting on activity and progress
  • Knowledgeable experience dealing with all types of commercial leases

How to Improve the "Curb Appeal" of Your Property

Kevin Lynch is told that he is TOUGH on Landlords.  The reason is that he understands how important the First Impression is to the Tenant.


To facilitate the lease-up process, it is critical that the property in general and the available spaces in particular are in a "move-in" state.  With the amount of available properties on the market today, you will only have one chance to make a good first impression.  Here are some critical issues to consider:

  • Is there a clean directory/building markings?
  • Is the parking lot cleaned (snow removed) and cleanly stripped?
  • Is the landscaping appealing (trees and shrubs trimmed, lawn edged)?
  • Are the windows clear of all stickers and clean?
  • Are the window treatments in working order?
  • Do the doors open easily?
  • Are all the lighting fixtures working?
  • Is the office carpeting vacuumed/shampooed and ceiling tiles cleaned?
  • Are the washrooms sanitized?
  • Is the warehouse clean and broom swept?


One of the most enjoyable parts of our day are walking a property and looking at it as the existing tenants and prospective tenants view the property.  A "move-in" ready property makes a favorable impression to all parties in a lease transaction.


A side benefit is that a property that looks well kept up achieves higher lease rates, better tenants and has the potential of keeping current tenants longer.