Buying Commercial Real Estate

Lynch Realty, Inc. has over 30 years of expertise and data on virtually every commercial sale closed.  We use this data to establise a beginning value basis.  We then accompany the Buyer on property tours and, if the Buyer is interested in an asset, detailed site inspection.  We have seen a lot of propeties over the years, know what questions to ask and understand financials.  Our goal is to protect the Buyer in their decision-making.  


Buying commercial real estate is both an art and a science.  Nobody wants to pay more than they have to and this requires local expertise regarding valuation, construction, governmental regulations, current market factors and much more.  The "art" is necessary in working with all of the parties to the transaction including the Seller, Seller's broker, appraiser, independent property inspectors, lender and municipality officials.  With Lynch Realty, Inc. we have the resources and databases that add value to the transaction from Day One.