Selling Commercial Real Estate

Key to Lynch Realty's success in gettng the record highest sale prices on assets sold over the years is via Kernel Regression.  This is statistical software that identifies the best qualified Buyers for a particular asset or portfolio of assets.  Kernel Regression as used by Lynch Realty determines the conditional expectation of a random variable (Best Buyer).  This can only be done because Lynch has tracked every commercial transaction in our markets for over 25 years.    


We are focused on getting our Sellers the best sale price and terms with every sale.  We reach more Buyers than any other international real estate firm.  Local, Regional, National, International and 1031 Trade Buyers are our focus.


Kevin M. Lynch, CCIM has been pubished in CCIM journals outlining his Transaction Matrix which is needed once these qualified Buyers begin submitting offers.  The Transaction Matrix facilitates the Seller in determining which Buyers the Seller would like to focus on.  Quite often, the Seller is focused on much more than the obtaining the highest price and the Transaction Matrix gives the Seller the analytics for their decision-making.


Lastly, we do not focus on selling an asset to a Buyer simply because they will then retain us to manage and lease the asset after the sale.  We can provide a list of examples of firms that choose to do this. 


This office is lead by Kevin M. Lynch, CCIM.  Mr. Lynch's select institutional clients include Blackstone, Prologis, TA Realty, DRA Advisors, Gramercy Property Trust, Industrial Property Trust, CenterPoint Properties, STAG Industrial, Brennan Investment, Cabot Properties, Exeter Property Group, Clarion Partners, Liberty Property Trust, Duke Realty, Hackman Capital, AEW Capital, Colony Realty Partners and Hillwood.


The in-house database we use for marketing contains over 25,000 principal investors worldwide!


One goal is to maximize the value of the real estate at disposition time. We work with the Seller to review every source of income and break down every expense to reach the real Net Operating Income. The  marketing package and secure website are created within 24 hours and is viewable and downloadable via computer, iPad, tablet and smartphone. Seller is constantly aware of our marketing efforts 24/7. We market the property and share the commission equally with the selling broker.

We never forget our policy that the client comes first, always!