Buying Land

There are numerous reasons why you would consider buying land but in all cases, it is valuable to have an expert at Sperry Van Ness with you thorough the process. Sperry Van Ness International is known for closing more land sales than any other brokerage firm. We understand the potential obstacles in buying land that may include governmental, environmental and legal. We provide a sophisticated analysis and facilitate the negotiating process on your behalf.

We walk an investor through the entire process. There is much more to evaluating a land purchase that an experienced, fully qualified, honest investment broker will do and Sperry Van Ness Commercial Real Estate Advisors does it all. Give us a call and let’s talk. The value in buying land is often related to how you can increase property value. At Sperry Van Ness Commercial Real Estate Advisors we work with you to identify and quantify the risks and rewards in adding property value.